With my graduation collection, I'm responding on the current tableware culture and offer a different perspective to experience dining in a more playful and adventurous way.


In today's culture we are constantly looking for new experiences in contrast to a slow changing tableware industry. In the dining culture it is the food and the surrounding that create the experience and the plates are merely functional for the presentation. In my collection it is the tableware that is the core element to experience the food. By perceiving the tableware in a cutlery approach, more abstract and three-dimensional varieties presented itself to indulge the food. By working together with a chef who created the menu and design of the food, I created a custom-made tableware collection where the tableware and the food are working perfectly together.


Throughout my studies ceramics have been a central focus in my work. During my studies, I worked in Jingdezhen, China. As a ceramist I am trying to find the limits what I can do with porcelain and to create new functions. I have developed a method of stacking and assembling that create a database of possibilities. In my graduation collection everything is developed from a disk shape, that can be explored as being hollow, convex, or flat shapes. They create the presentation base of my plates. From this study of shapes I created bulb and donut like forms as elements to create variations. This family of shapes create a possibility to present every course in three different ways  to be able to vary in different combinations.


My tableware increase the experience of how we treat the food, experience the presentation and the tableware itself. This presentation of my collection is one way to approach it, but the combinations are endless.





Food designed by Jurgen Sprangers

Photography by Sander Luske

First amuse

Second amuse



Main course