It is a fascinating time for makers: traditional crafts and skills are back in vogue, at the same time new digital technologies are developing at lightning speed. On the one hand, the digital and traditional manufacturing domains are strictly separated with their own visual language and separate design and manufacturing techniques. On the other hand, boundaries blur when the domains meet and new opportunities arise for artistic, technical and social innovation.


However, the encounter between digital and craft makers is not yet so obvious: most makers specialize in one of the two disciplines and work predominantly individually. Within the New Crafts incentive program, Crafts Council Netherlands brought together these various traditional and digital makers with the aim of stimulating knowledge exchange, experimentation and research.


The collaboration shows how digital techniques and handicrafts drive each other forward. Knowledge of traditional crafts proves essential time and time again: to assess what is workable within the framework of the physical world, and for actual implementation. It becomes clear that not only people give direction to the process, but that materials and machines are also active co-players and sometimes opponents.



A project of NEO DESIGN COLLECTIEVE : Nina van Bart, Roel Deden & Marieke van Heesbeen

Funded by Craft Council Netherlands

Presented at Dutch Design Week 2022 at microlabhall



by craft council